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What will you do to create your waves of change?

You can make a difference today. Taking action - even the smallest step - to change the way you do business, can be the start of your sustainability journey. You can support our work to build partnerships and deliver shared value. Or you can tell others about our plans, spreading the word to reach out and grow the network of people who say Earth Matters To Us.

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Spread the Word

Tell your friends and business associates about our vision to create new, sustainable ways to be profitable, while delivering lasting environmental and social benefits. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join our network now and make a difference.

As a Climate Justice Ambassador for Germany and Member of the Youth Council of Plant-for-the-Planet, 17 year old Jule Schnakenberg shows us how children worldwide rally for climate change and empower each other while still growing up. Just 17, just asking people to take small steps, just plant a tree - make a difference.

#EarthMattersToMe because...

Tell us your story. Tell us why you are taking steps on a sustainability journey.

it's fun, too!

Making a difference can be fun, too. You are allowed to enjoy saving the world. So, let's do it, together!

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It's about taking one step at a time

Small, incremental changes that will result in a more sustainable approach to business, to how we live, and to the future we leave to our children