Putting the jigsaw together

Building partnerships is central to what we do.

In order to make an effective sustainability journey, it's best to travel with others who share your vision. We can help identify business-2-business partners or partnerships with community groups, charities and others.

You'll be amazed what you can learn.


Putting the right pieces together is the key to a successful and lasting partnership. Share dreams and realise ambitions!

With access to a growing community of stakeholders, all looking to take steps to create lasting environmental and social benefits, we can identify suitable partners and guide the introduction process.

If you've got an idea and are looking for others to join you, get in touch. Our brokering service can help to build lasting partnerships and grow these into resilient networks. Contact us to discuss your needs.

http://www.BeyondTheLine.org Brendan May is founder of the Robertsbridge Group, a new coalition of leading environment thinkers. When Businesses partner with NGOs and governments, positive things start to happen for all. Brandan May has worked in the sustainable business field since 1998, having been Chief Executive of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from 1999-2004, and then founder and Managing Director of Planet 2050 from 2004-2009.