What's a few sand dunes?

We all face challenges, every day of our lives. Many take us well beyond our comfort zones. Overcoming them makes us stronger, teaches us lessons about ourselves, and helps identify what we really want to achieve.

In 2006, I took myself out of my physical (and, I soon discovered, mental) comfort zones, when I took time out from work to take part in the infamous Marathon des Sables. Dubbed the 'toughest footrace in the world', this six-day multi-marathon endurance event across the Moroccan Sahara Desert took me to places I'd never been before. Severely dehydrated at the end of day three, I received 4.5L of saline and was told my race was up. I continued and, at the end of an emotional journey through some of the loneliest landscapes and hours I'd ever experienced, I pushed on through the towering dunes of Merzouga to reach the finish line.

I'm still proud of that achievement, all these years later.

It's taught me that no challenge is insurmountable. That includes breaking free and setting up your own business. It's been a complex and sometimes tricky journey, unsure whether each step is heading in the right direction. Occasionally it's felt as though the sand was slipping beneath my feet. But, keeping focused on those final dunes, knowing that the finish line is in sight, I'm almost there: ready to launch.

Follow my regular updates as the journey continues. I'd love you to be part of it, helping to write future chapters. There will be sandstorms along the way, but the satisfaction of a job well done, challenges overcome, and new vistas exposed, will make it worth the effort.

After all, what's a few sand dunes?