Let's Talk

We believe in conversations!

That's why we encourage knowledge exchange, offering a range of events that can be tailored to meet your needs. We offer technical, issue-based seminars, workshops, and stakeholder engagement activities.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs. We like to listen. 


Let's do this, together. We talk your language, listen to your ambitions, and work with you to achieve them


Sustainability: the why & how seminar

Let us help you unpack the sustainability message: what does it mean for your business? How can it help to increase your profits and make you resilient to future shocks? What can you do to deliver environmental and social benefits from your business?

We can provide you and your staff with a focused introduction to the main issues, without complex jargon; to offer an engaging and inspiring vision of a different way to do business. Half or full-day options are available. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Understanding your business impacts and how to tackle them: the action workshop

Through an interactive workshop, we can help you to delve into the environmental and social impacts of your business. This offers the opportunity to understand where there inefficiencies and waste, how these can be addressed, and the benefits that can result.

We can work with you and your staff to develop an action framework. Half or full-day options are available. Contact us to discuss your needs

How can we make the difference? Over the past 20 years Pepik has been looking for answers to this very question together with frontrunners in the corporate sector, small and medium enterprise, local government and locale communities.