Assessment and Continual Improvement

Let us support you to become a more sustainable business, reducing negative impacts on the environment and delivering benefits to both people and planet, while becoming more profitable as a result. 

Together, we can:

  • identify cost-savings
  • help you comply with environmental legislation
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • develop an effective Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • work towards environmental accreditations such as ISO14001 and EMAS
  • create shared value


Accreditation is increasingly being recognised as a valuable tool across a wide range of activities to ensure better regulation, good governance, fair markets and public confidence

Sustainability for your business - steps you can take to Go Green

create a plan

Going green can be a large task for any business. There are many ways to go green but choosing what is right for your business and having a plan to make it happen is a good start. So before you get started it can be helpful to put a simple strategy in place to keep you on track with your targets and how to reach them.

To begin with, focus on setting some clear goals, and realistic ways to achieve them.

Then, evaluate the costs and benefits of each eco-friendly action too. If you work with a wider team, make sure to share your strategy with them too; and make sustainable actions simple and achievable, by supplying recycling bins for example. For that extra encouragement, consider implementing an incentive plan to help efforts progress, such as a cycle-to-work or office recycling scheme rewarded with cash bonuses, one-off experiences or holiday time.

green marketing

Whilst sharing your strategy with your employees is essential for keeping efforts consistent, it’s worth sharing the results of your work with your customers as well.


With so many options in their buying process, consumers are now more frequently considering the brand behind the product when it comes to making a purchase, not just the price and quality. 

Considering this growing consumer desire to choose earth-friendly products, don’t forget to shout about your journey towards going green, and really build that emotional connection about your cause. Brand loyalty is a powerful thing!

Critically, you need to demonstrate a genuine commitment. You can't fake this stuff.

For ideas on specific steps you can take...

What we offer

    We offer a range of "off the shelf" packages to assess your business performance and impact, as well as a bespoke support partnership for your business. Contact us for further information.


    "Ideas are nothing until they become actions": let us work together to identify opportunities to deliver purpose alongside profit. 

    Diagnostic Check

    Our entry-level, 'under the bonnet' service. This assessment of your operations takes the form of a checklist, including energy and water use, transport, packaging, raw materials; and uses a traffic light system to advise on actions to be taken in order to improve performance and reduce impacts.

    Sustainability Audit

    A comprehensive assessment, looking across the entire value chain for your products and services, to identify your environmental and social impact. This involves a detailed audit of products, processes and services, highlighting the most significant areas for improvement and providing an estimate of the potential benefits.

    Action Plan

    Building on the audit, we can develop a Sustainability Action Plan, which identifies the areas where changes can be made to your processes and products to generate the greatest cost savings and deliver shared value. Your action plan will be innovative, challenging and achievable, complete with targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and guidance on how to deliver it.

    Ongoing Support

    We offer an ongoing support service, to assist you in steering delivery of your Action Plan. This includes online support and 6-monthly face-to-face 'check-ins' to monitor progress.  


    Together, let's put sustainability at the heart of your business, achieve accreditation and drive continual improvement. It'll make you future-fit!

    Mike Barry is Head of Sustainable Business at Marks & Spencer. Mike talks about how we are living beyond our environmental and social means in the developed world and, on current trajectories, in the not too distant future a growing middle class in the developing world will too.